Corporative Identity

“ADAM” Logotype Project

Logotype Design for ‘ADAM’ Animal Shelter (Asociación en Defensa de los Animales de Moncada)

“BEAR BEER” Logotype Project

Beer Brand Design.

Design of commercial poster, stickers and labels for bottles.

“MartaPineda Fotografía” Logotype

Brand Design for  business cards, stickers, flyers, tshirts and social networks.

“Sastres de Sueños” Logotype

Brand Design for website, business cards and social networks.

*Design of “Trends in Wedding 2017” catalog.

“Jose Julve” Logotype

Brand Design for Jose Julve hairdressings in social networks. Logotype and  headboard.

Brochure Design for the new hairdressing treatments.

Design of the catalog of hairdressing courses.

“Luis Chavez” Logotype

Design for: tshirts for students, bags, business cards, flyers, timetables, pens and a CD of salsa. Design of catalog with merchandising of brand: tshirts, tights, trousers, sports bag, toiletry bag.